Your Team of Senior Living Advisors is Just One Call Away

mr jake rankin

Your Family is Our Family

Navigating through the complexities and the confusion of today's health care system can cause you or your loved one to experience frustrations, particularly at points of transition in care.

The staff at Talem Home Care is committed to assisting older adults and their families in searching for housing and services that best fit their needs.

There are many housing options available for seniors. One of the most significant decisions an individual can make is to move from their home into a facility that provides more support and services. It can be an even more difficult decision for an aging family member who has lived in the same home for many years.

After our initial assessment and consultation, Talem provides you with detailed information on the various services and housing options available to you. We will present you with a selection of possibilities before scheduling any visits to living communities. Once you have narrowed your interest to the most appropriate facilities, Talem will schedule tours and accompany you. Often, we can arrange your tour so that you can join facility representatives and other residents for lunch to get a better sense of the community. When you find the right place, we will assist you with the necessary paperwork.

As a senior company we want to be the one place people can turn to get the answers they need. We want to be a trusted advisor and a resource center to those who do not know where to go. Over our 17 years being in this industry, we have been recognized for providing unmatched support and value and for creating effective, quality, and innovative community-based long-term care support programs for the community we serve.