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Pets for Seniors

pets cure senior lonelinessPet companionship is a wonderful thing!

Animals can be your friend, entertainment, security, a daily dose of joy, and so much more. For older adults, it is important to find the right pet that will fit their lifestyle. Here are a few reasons to consider pets for seniors:

• The right pet can relieve stress and anxiety. Pets require care and attention, resulting in increased activity in their daily schedules. This can lead to a new sense of motivation, purpose, and positivity.

• Daily exercise is important at any age, but as a senior, it can be difficult to remain physically active. Walking is a great way to move without too much strain, and dogs love walks! As a senior, a hyperactive puppy may not be the best choice, but an older dog who enjoys a simple stroll through the park will keep you moving every day.

• Cats or birds may not require daily walks, but they provide great companionship. Loneliness can really affect seniors living alone and a pet companion can bring a new sense of affection and love. Never underestimate the positive influence of a loving companion!

pets4 science 768x422With all the positive reasons to consider pet companionship, don’t forget to weigh all the options. What kind of pet best suits your situation? What expenses come with a new pet? Make sure to do your research on the pet you’re considering. There are many programs dedicated to matching pets with senior citizens, or you can stop by your local animal shelter and discuss the best options:

Pet companionship for seniors can relieve stress, increase daily exercise, decrease loneliness, provide a sense of security, and so much more. After you’ve done the proper research, go out and find your new companion.

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