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Types of In-Home Supportive Services

There comes a time in everyone’s life where we, unfortunately, need to lean on others for help.  Whether you are recovering from a surgery or illness, or you are dealing with a chronic issue, getting a little extra help can keep us safe, healthy, and happy in our own home. 


This type of care is usually provided by friends, spouses, and other family members. When help is needed, a decision must be made.  “Do I help my loved one?” or “Should I bring in some extra help.  If the decision is to bring in some extra help, you should consider a few things.  

Not all in-home services are the same, and not all in-home providers are the same. It is essential that you understand the differences and interview and find the right provider to feel comfortable.  

Non-Medical Home Care:

Non-medical home care refers to help and support in the home that does not require a medical skill.  Care is often provided by trained professionals skilled in assisting others with both Activities of Daily Living and instrumental activities of daily living (see below for definition of ADL’s and IADL’s).  The levels of care for non-medical home care cover and include:

These services can be done in 1hr visits or up to 24-hour care.

Skilled Home Health Care: 

These services are not provided by Talem Home Care in any of our offices.  However, we do partner with many fantastic skilled home health agencies and we can help you find the agency of your choice.  They provide services that require the skill of a clinician to over see the care.  These clinicians can be nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapist, or certified nursing assistants.  The can help with wound care, injections, therapy and other medical needs. In most cases, this level of care is paid for my Medicare. 

ADL’s & IADL’s: 

These activities involve helping the elderly or disabled with activities of daily living (ADL’s and instrumental activities of daily living (IADL’s).  ADL’s and IADL’s are the everyday key life tasks that we need to do to live independently and safely at home.  They could include activities like:


Managing communication, helping to write emails or letters or help setting appointments.


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